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Custom Product Care

Not only have we worked together to create just the right look for your home.  But to help you protect your investment, we would like to equip you with knowledge about fabrics and custom product care.



  • It is essential to understand that there are inherent limitations with certain fabrics. For example, silk should be protected with interlining and preferably blackout lining.
  • Influences from the environment can also affect the appearance and life of your custom fabric products.
  • Sunlight will weaken the strength of the fibers and cause varying degrees of color fading and streaking. Over time, dry rotting can occur (this is when fabric will fall apart in your hands). Blinds, shades and window tinting will help reduce some of the sun’s damage.
  • Heat and humidity will often shrink or stretch loosely woven fibers.
  • Condensation on your windows will occasionally cause watermarks on drapery fabric.

Custom Product Care

  • Custom bedding, decorative pillows, and small upholstery items should be kept clean by frequently removing dust and hair. Keep them clean by gently shaking them, vacuuming them with a soft brush or using a lint remover.
  • Professionally dry clean your items every 3-6 months, depending on how frequently you use your products.
  • Routinely vacuum your drapes with a soft brush head every three to four months.
  • Remove animal hair with a lint remover.
  • Have your draperies professionally dry cleaned every two years.

Be sure to contact us if this is something that you are interested in.

custom product care
Custom product care Ballon valances with sunbursts and pillows

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