Why custom draperies

Why Custom Draperies?

My answer;  Above all, if done right the first time, you’ll love the look and save money in the long run.  Understandably, they are not cheap, but they are worth the investment.  More often than not, clients tell me they wish they had done custom draperies the first time around.


A window treatment professional can help you design a personalized look with functional considerations in mind.  A pro will help with the entire design of your room by using the window treatments to pull all elements together.  There is a big difference between a cozy finished room and an uncomfortable hodge-podge room.  Finally, functional considerations such as privacy, light control, insulation, and safety issues are essential for comfort and peace-of-mind.

This article from Houzz explains the benefits of custom window treatments.   Click on the link to be taken to the article.  Custom Draperies 101

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