iris apfel for Hunter Douglas Home interior design

How to Find the Best Home Interior Design Style

The Best Home Interior Style

We all have different styles. Fashion, hair and home interior design styles are as unique as our fingerprints.

Iris Apfel represents Hunter Douglas because they both share the passion for timeless design and individual style.  Iris has her unique style, and I love her for it!  As a Hunter Douglas Specialist, I have enjoyed learning about her style and work.

Your style is a representation of who you are, your preferences, your likes and dislikes and your mood.

Layers of personality

As it is with fashion, home décor and home interior design shouldn’t be about the latest trends.

Always keep true to what makes you feel good, what you love, your history and your dreams.

If you like a new trend, it’s okay to incorporate bits of it into your home.  Make sure you’re filling your home with with layers of you and your family’s personality.

Home interior design style types

Here are some home interior design style types. What do you like the most?  Loving more than one is ok!

  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Industrial
  • Farmhouse/Rustic
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Minimalist
  • Shabby Chic
  • Boho

New Trend On the Block

As always, there’s a new home interior design trend on the block, and this one is fascinating!

The trend is called Maximalism! I didn’t even know that was a word.

Maximalism is the concept of “more-is-more.” It’s a mismatch of color, a mixture of patterns, and layers of texture and period. Phew! That’s a lot of stuff!

The style that is always “IN” is you!

So, how do you find the best home interior design?  I’m sure you’ve already figured out where I am going with this.

Look inside yourself for your preferences, needs, personality and your family.  It’s all about you!  It doesn’t matter what other people are doing.

Iris Apfel wouldn’t still be making an impact at age 96 if she settled for anything less than herself.